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My name is Carole Riley. I run a genealogy and family history research business called New South Wales Genealogy, based in Sydney, Australia. I specialise in research into the records and history of New South Wales, the first colony of Australia. I also write a blog about researching NSW ancestors and genealogy in general called Genealogy in New South Wales.

My first book, Social Media for Family Historians, was published in late 2010 by Unlock The Past.

I am a Councillor of the Society of Australian Genealogists and I help look after their computer network. The Society has an ever-growing collection of CDs on their network and loading and maintaining them is my main focus. I am also a member of the IT, Education, and other committees.

I am also a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists, and currently serve on the Board of Directors as the member for my area. I believe that professional standards in genealogy are important and I learn a lot from other members.

I’ve studied psychology and genealogy and I firmly believe you can’t have one without the other. I believe that self-knowledge is crucial to a happy and fulfilling life and understanding your family’s history is indispensable to this self-knowledge. Who you are is linked to who your ancestors were.


I have a Master of Applied Science (Psychology of Coaching) from the University of Sydney, completed in 2005, and Bachelor of Science from the same university. I’ve also completed a course in the applications of Positive Psychology. What I’ve learned has been incredibly useful in my life and in my research, even though I decided not to become an executive coach. I have recently (January 2010)  imported posts from my previous blog from 2007-2008, called Insightability, which reflects my interest in that area.

Information Technology

My previous career was in Information Technology, and although I don’t work in this area now I like to keep up with developments and try them out for myself. I am particularly interested in online social media and how it can be used for genealogical education and networking.

I started my first blog in 2007 (now imported into this one). I love the freedom you get writing in this way – as casual or as structured as you wish.

I then started a Facebook account, where my friends, old and new, can meet, and I’ve never looked back. It’s the best way I have found for keeping in contact with friends and relatives, near and distant, on a regular basis. It’s like we all live in the same small village!

I now have two Twitter accounts, a personal and business one, and I manage a third on behalf of the Society of Australian Genealogists, and a fourth on behalf of the TMG Sydney User Group. All welcome!

The blogs, Facebook and Twitter accounts all seem to play well together.

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