An occasional blog

I’ve decided to turn this rather quiet website into a blog. Like a diary, I guess, or a journal. So here goes…

Today I’m struggling to get my Heritage Genealogy website looking the same on Internet Explorer as it does on Firefox. Different rules apply, obviously. There is always more work to be done on a website and unless there is somewhere else to test changes the risk is that I will break something on the real website and not be able to fix it.

Even this simple website has a great blue bar across the middle of it in IE7 and not in Firefox. The simple answer for me is to ban Internet Explorer but unfortunately I can’t, so I either have to fix it or change it. I don’t know how to fix it so I guess I’ll have to change the template to something that WORKS. What a pain, I like the paintbrush theme.

When I’ve finished playing with the website I will have a look at the documents a client has sent me on her convict.