Ancestor Day on Star Trek Voyager

I just watched an old episode of Star Trek Voyager about genealogy. Star Trek Voyager was a spin-off series of Star Trek, the old series made in the 60s about “space, the final frontier”.

In the episode I watched (Episode 23, Season 5) Captain Janeway (a sort of Katherine Hepburn) was looking into the story of the ancestor who had inspired her to become a Star Fleet captain. As it turned out, the story wasn’t what she was told, and she was disappointed. She decided that the photograph her crew had found (nice to be able to get your crew working on your family history) had no place on her desk after all.

So her crew threw a surprise party for her and called it Ancestor Day, where we celebrate the lives of our ancestors and ponder their significance to us. Even if what she believed turned out not to be true, it still inspired her at the time.

I think it’s a good idea!

One comment on “Ancestor Day on Star Trek Voyager

  1. Kirok of L'Stok 30 December 2009 12:52 am

    Star Trek has a Love/Hate relationship with philosophical questions. Whilst it tries to address them it is hamstrung by an over-developed political correctness that, in wanting not to offend anyone, sometimes says nothing.

    Genealogy could be said to be one of the ways that a Humanist society puts life, the Universe and Everything into context.

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