Are ads on websites bad?

I’ve been struggling with this question for a long time now. I’ve started sneaking small ads for Ancestry and GenesReunited on my website and blogs which, incidently, don’t work in Firefox V3. If you want to avoid advertising perhaps that is the browser to use!

Why would I do that, if I think that they’re bad? Well, I’ve decided that they are not necessarily so bad. I use the internet a lot and most ads don’t bother me. The ones I don’t like are the ones on FaceBook that have a bigger button than the function of the page I am on so that I click on the wrong button, and some of the more annoying flashing moving banners along the top of eBay pages.

So I figure that if I avoid these types of ads I won’t annoy readers of my sites. And I might even make some money from them. We’ll see.