Backupify your social media

BackupifySome time ago I had a look at Backupify, an online service for backing up your social media accounts. Obviously I set up an account and then forgot about it.

I’ve had another look at Backupify and it seems that it has been happily backing up some of my accounts after all. I’ve just never been back to see them.

Apparently I have a Premium Account, which gives me 10GB, monthly ZIP archives, and 5 accounts per service. That may be why I forgot about it. 5 accounts isn’t much. I run a Facebook account, 5 Facebook pages, 5or 6 Twitter accounts, numerous blogs, a Flickr account, and much more besides.

For $59.95 per year I can have 25GB, weekly ZIP archives, and unlimited accounts. Backups are run daily (or I can choose weekly) and are supposedly emailed in a ZIP file.

The screen does say that there’s a new version I should move to. Let’s try that!

New version of Backupify

OK, there’s an immediate improvement, in that it tells me how much space I’ve used:

Backupify quotaIt now supports Facebook Pages, which it didn’t do before. I like it better already.

For Facebook accounts it backs up a long list of things, including:

  • Photo albums
  • Photo album comments
  • Events
  • Groups
  • Links
  • Notes
  • Profile
  • Feeds
  • Posts
  • Friends
  • Comments
  • Likes
  • Statuses
  • Status comments
  • Videos
  • Video comments
Here are the services I can back up:

Backupify services
Now that I can back up Facebook pages I am using up my 5 accounts very quickly! I use most of these services (except Zoho). What to choose?

Still, I’m not sure what I would do with the backup. If something happens to Facebook there’s nowhere else I can load the data. What have I got to lose?

I’ve added my Twitter account and it seems to be starting again from scratch, ignoring the backups already made in the previous incarnation of Backupify. OK.

I’ve also added my Facebook profile, three Facebook pages, my Flickr account and my Google address book. That’s seven, including Twitter. There’s now no mention of the number of accounts, so I guess it’s just based on storage space. 10GB sounds like a lot but let’s see what happens with the photos in Facebook and Flickr.

I’d also like to add other Twitter accounts but I can’t seem to do that. Perhaps I need separate Backupify accounts for that.

There is also something about Google Apps on the main page:

Backupify Google Apps

To be perfectly honest I don’t know what it means, so I’m not putting anything in there for the moment. When I go to the Upgrade screen to find out about accounts, it is only talking about Google Apps, and sharing for teams. So perhaps this is a business thing and I can ignore it.

It says it’s going to take 2-3 days to back everything up, so I’ll wait to see what happens. I hope it sends me an email, or I may just forget I’ve done it!