Productivity update – not!

I’ve been away for a few days, so there’s been no productivity update because there’s been no productivity!

It was a social and educational weekend devoted to the history of the Irish in Australia, so it was productive in a way, but everything is still waiting for me now that I’m back.

Tomorrow I’ll get back into it.

Productivity update 3

Today I took the dog out to her holiday resort, researched for 3 clients at State Records, and tonight I will pack and get a CD for a client ready to post.

Tomorrow I will go to a meeting with a representative from World Vital Records at the Society of Australian Genealogists, post the CD, and drive to Galong for the Shamrock in the Bush, a celebration of our Irish ancestry.


Productivity update 2

Tired and headachey after a day on the microfilm readers.

  1. Lands research for one client
  2. Electoral roll research at the State Library for two clients
  3. Immigration records for two other clients
  4. went to the gym!


  1. Take the dog to the kennel so we can go away the next day
  2. State Archives for some client research
  3. pack to go away