Compare Twitter Account Followers

I manage three Twitter accounts:

@CaroleRiley is my personal account

@NSWGenealogy is my business account

@SocAustGen is the account I manage on behalf of my genealogy society

I often wonder whether I should just post to one account because all the same people follow all three accounts. I found a way to find out if this is true.

FollowerWonk allows you to compare two, or optionally three, accounts, and compares them by followers or followees. I compared all three accounts and the results looks like this:


This screen shows the followers of all three accounts. I can see who is following all three, or combinations of two, or just the one. The Venn diagram graphically illustrates the overlap and the relative size of each following. I can do the same for the accounts that these accounts follow. Brilliant!

What I’ve discovered is how little overlap there is. So I can post to all three without fear, and I can retweet between them without too much risk of repeating myself.