My Family History

My family

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My own family history gives me endless hours of entertainment and frustration.

My mother’s father, Richard Norman Eason (1900-1992) was descended from English and Irish immigrants who became part of the farming community near Blayney, NSW. Relevant surnames are Eason, Ewin, Ewen, Goode, Oates, Chambers and Clements.

My grandmother, Amy Millicent Stewart (1897-1991) who married Richard Norman Eason in 1926 was descended from Scots who settled in Albury, NSW and became farmers. Her grandfather Peter Hannah Stewart (c1836-1911) from Paisley but born in Oban married Grace Simpson (c1841-1924) from Fifeshire.

Sarah, Amy and Margaret

Sarah, Amy and Margaret, my direct female ancestors

Amy’s maternal grandmother, Margaret Craig (1838-1917), arrived in Auckland from Scotland as a four-year-old in 1842 with her family. She became the second wife of John Hindley Austin Lowe (c1826-1873), a printer who first tried his luck in Melbourne before taking his family to Auckland in 1859. Relevant surnames for Gran’s family are Stewart, Simpson, Craig, and Lowe.

My father is a part-European Fijian. He is descended from Rileys, Andrews, Whippys, Simpsons, Browns, O’Connors, as well as Fijians from Verata, Levuka and elsewhere.

My family tree can be seen here. I use The Master Genealogist to keep track of all the information I’ve found, and I use Second Site to turn it into web pages to share with others.

Your family

I also help others trace their family. I specialise in the records available for the Colony of New South Wales. I live in Sydney and have wide experience in all of the repositories such as State Records NSW, the Mitchell Library and the MSW Department of Lands.

You can see my business website at Heritage Genealogy. I can help you turn your ancestors into real people, more than just names and dates on a chart.

I am a Councillor of the Society of Australian Genealogists. I am the Convenor of their IT Committee and I help look after their computers at the Research Centre in 379 Kent Street Sydney. I am currently working on raising the Society’s profile online. I also occasionally present educational seminars for them.

If you have ancestors in Australia the Society can help you find them.

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  1. Mitchell Green 12 April 2012 6:51 am

    Hi I was adopted from Fiji when I was young, so I don’t really know much about my family. All I know is that my Mums side of the Family were Mitchell’s and my dads side were osbourne’s could you help me out?

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