Richard Norman Eason and family and neighbours circa 1935

This site is a work-in-progress of the ancestry of both my parents. Surnames are Eason, Irwin, Ewin, and Bell in Australia and County Tyrone, Ireland; Goode and Miles in Australia and Northamptonshire; Oates and Pascoe in Australia and Cornwall; Stewart, Love, Simpson, and Thomson in Australia and Scotland; Lowe and Craig in New Zealand; and Riley, Andrews, Whippy, O'Connor, Brown, and Simpson in Fiji.

I've realised that if I wait until my research is finished before I put it on the web it will never get there, so I've gone with what I have, mistakes and all, and I will keep fixing it as I go. Any corrections would be welcome!

I would like to thank the following people who have helped me with information: Larraine Abbey, Joe Andrews, Stein Andrews, Marion Batchelor, Irene Bell, PJS Boaden, Jennifer Brooks, Judith Anne Brunskill, Margaret Burns, Talai Burness, Graham Campbell, Anne Chambers, Jean Chambers, Russell Cooper, Narelle Corbett, Orlin Craig, Mareta Davila, Gillian Eason, William Eason ("Uncle Bill"), Leigh Evans, Steven Evans, Karla Eyre, Larraine (Ewin) Abbey, Russ Ewin, Emma Field, Michael Flynn, Norm Flynn, Geoffrey Goode, Helen Harman, Dianne Marie Hoger, Deborah Horrocks, Terry Riley Hulme, Betty Hunt, Lena Irvine, Raewyn Irwin, Jackie Jensen, Olwen Jonklaas, Terri Keck, Alicia-may Laaman, Sharyn Lamont, Christine Liava'a, Yola Macken, John Francis MacKenny, Martha Martin, Brad McKenzie, Greig Melrose, Graeme Moad, Fran Morton, Courtney Oates, Ken Oates, Paul Padley, Rae Paine, Richard Parata, Wayne Parker, Jo Parsons, Melanie Pascoe, June Paterson, Florence Petersen, Gretel Pickering, Winston Kitchener Powell, Graham Ralph, Mireya Ranger, Lady Jessie Richmond, Adi Milian Riley, Diane Riley, Everett Riley, Lavenia [Riley], Tulia Riley, Julie Ruzsicska, Nigel and Vinita Sharma, Jenny Shea, Milford Southon, Lisa Steedman, Dulcie (O'Connor) Stewart, Gail Stewart, Ken Sutherland, Margaret Taylor, Mary Taylor, Elizabeth Nicholls Walling, Peter Webster, Michael Whippy, Paul B Whippy, Tui Benau Whippy, and Judy Woodley. Please forgive me if I have corresponded with you and your name is not on this list.

Any errors are entirely my own responsibility.

I have much more information on my direct ancestors and some of their descendants than is available here, so please contact me if you find someone you know.