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Fernside IMG_2003_300x200Carole’s Family Tree

I have been researching my family tree for a few years now, and there is always more information to find, more names to research, more relatives to talk to. My Australian family surnames are Eason, Irwin, Ewin, and Bell from Northern Ireland; Goode, Miles, Oates and Pascoe from England; and Stewart, Thomson and Simpson from Scotland. My Fijian surnames are Riley, Andrews, Whippy, O’Connor, Brown and Simpson.

My family tree is not complete – it may never be complete. It’s here so that you can contact me if you see anything that looks relevant to you or you if would like to add something to it.

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6 comments on “My family tree

  1. Michael Wall 17 June 2010 11:18 am

    I came across your website recently as I was searching for info on the Hill family of Narromine area, New South Wales.
    My partner (Louise) has been trying to trace her grandmother’s family as we plan to visit in a couple of years. Her name was Olive Mai Hill and she married Ernest JJ McEniry, an Irishman, in Narromine in 1928. They both travelled to Ireland a few years later for a holiday but they remained in Ireland and Olive never got the opportunity to return.
    You have a family listed – Nathaniel C Hill & Anne Oates Hill, with one of their daughters being Olive M Hill…
    We were wondering if you knew what became of this Olive Hill?

    any help you can give would be appreciated,

  2. Carole 29 June 2010 3:50 am

    I have published this comment in case others are searching for the same family. Good luck Michael!

  3. Michael Wall 29 July 2010 12:46 pm


    regarding the book ‘A Gathering of the Oates’, do you know if there are any copies available?


  4. Lorena Loubsky 19 December 2012 1:16 pm

    Hi Michael,
    I am working with Emma (Loubsky-Lonergan) on her genealogy – something I enjoy with a passion as we all have such rich family stories. You met Em at Michael’s wedding this summer I believe. It was such a trip to be searching for Olive and to find your post! We are happy to share more of any discoveries we make along the way and likewise, if you would do the same, we would love to help hold the Lonergan, HIll, McEniry line stories for the next generation. I hope you and Lou and the family are well and enjoying the holiday together. Please give everyone my love and prayers for Rosemary.
    Fond regards, Lorena

  5. Lorena Loubsky 19 December 2012 1:18 pm

    I meant to say also that David (John) might still have Ross Hill’s info in Australia (Dubbo, I believe). We visited with him and Clem, I think when we were in Australia in 1996.

  6. Dawn Hickey 20 April 2014 3:42 pm

    My daughter-in-law would love to know something of her father’s history in Fiji. Her father was born in Fiji and his name is Sydney Simpson. He has a brother David Simpson – there are a number of other siblings.

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