Photo editing software

I currently use 5 different photo editing applications for different tasks. Here is my attempt to document which one is best for which task.

The applications:

Corel PaintShop Pro Photo X2 – this is an upgrade from PaintShop Pro 7, which I bought when I was looking for photo editing software and it looked easier to learn than Adobe Elements. I had another look at Elements before I upgraded, and it’s so big and still not as easy to learn. PaintShop Pro is just more intuitive.

  • copy and paste from the web to create an image.
  • cropping

Adobe Photoshop 7 – an old version I had for work some years ago. I can’t afford to upgrade it.

  • resize to precise number of pixels for websites
  • crop to precise size
  • add text (citations of document images).

Picasa 3.5 – free software

  • culling of new batch from the camera
  • best for levelling a crooked photo
  • face recognition (haven’t tried this yet)
  • creating web albums (although I seem to put them in Facebook these days)

Faststone Image Viewer – free software. I know others swear by Irfan (?), but I liked this one better.

  • batch renaming, resizing, compressing for the web.

Windows Photo Gallery – the one that comes with Vista.

  • culling of new batch from camera
  • simple fixes – crop to standard size, red-eye, brighten and auto-contrast. Has taken over from Picasa because it is the one that the photo automatically opens in.

I know there are other applications out there, but I’m happy with the ones I have, although it would be fantastic if I could just use one or two.

Which ones do you use? Have I left anything out, tasks or software?