Productivity update 13 August

I can’t remember what number I’m up to, so I’m going by date.

I’ve also decided that I don’t have to do this every night – just when I feel like I haven’t accomplished anything much today.

I spent a lot of today out at the State Records NSW Reading Room at Kingswood searching for Conditional Purchase correspondence. I found two sets and started on a third.

Conditional Purchases were a method in the early years of the Colony to get settlers out into the country. They could choose to buy land, before it was surveyed, and pay it off on the condition that they lived on the land and improved it. Once they’d paid for it and inspections showed they met the conditions, the title deed was issued.

The correspondence covers the initial application form, requests for survey, declarations of the purchaser, transfers, and all manner of other documents. Earlier documents were pulled from where they had been filed and filed with later correspondence, and you have to find the register to know whether this happened, so finding where the correspondence is actually stored involves a chain of links from one register to the next. It takes time, patience, and accuracy.

So I can be pleased with what I achieved today!

Tomorrow I’m going to start writing my Diploma essay. I’m also going to finish editing the article for Descent (the journal of the Society of Australian Genealogists) and process what I found today.