Productivity update 3

Today I took the dog out to her holiday resort, researched for 3 clients at State Records, and tonight I will pack and get a CD for a client ready to post.

Tomorrow I will go to a meeting with a representative from World Vital Records at the Society of Australian Genealogists, post the CD, and drive to Galong for the Shamrock in the Bush, a celebration of our Irish ancestry.


Productivity update 2

Tired and headachey after a day on the microfilm readers.

  1. Lands research for one client
  2. Electoral roll research at the State Library for two clients
  3. Immigration records for two other clients
  4. went to the gym!


  1. Take the dog to the kennel so we can go away the next day
  2. State Archives for some client research
  3. pack to go away

Productivity Update 1

Well, so much for my grand resolution yesterday – I got caught up doing my taxes and went to bed late. And lay in bed thinking about what I achieved, so at least I can remember them now:

  1. I wrote the email about the new opportunity
  2. I finished the client report and packed it up to post
  3. I got stuck into calculating my taxes when I realised it wasn’t just a question of firing up the accounting software and running a report

So I didn’t finish the assignment, but that’s OK.

Today I managed to:

  1. Finish working out my taxes and made it reconcile (woohoo!)
  2. write some overdue emails to clients
  3. sorted out what I need to do in the State Library and Lands Office tomorrow
  4. reorganised my Genealogy notes on Ireland, so I can find what I’m looking for!

And I took the vacuum cleaner in for a service. So I feel very virtuous. Again, I didn’t do the assignment, but the tax is more important – a High Priority Task.┬áPrioritising is important, but it’s also important to make time for the not-so-high priority items, otherwise they’ll never get done!

The Irish notes wasn’t on the list but I’m going away for an Irish long weekend, the annual Shamrock in the Bush at Galong, so it was proactive.