The Home Office Cat

Chloe and the printer

Every home office should have a cat, and here’s why:

  • The occasional need for attention allows you to get away from your desk for 5 minutes so you can let the cat out, or put food out, or whatever
  • When the cat requires more personal attention, the distraction of giving the cat a rub can help your productivity when you return to duty
  • Cats are good to have around, as long as they don’t want to sleep on your lap

My cats prefer to sleep on my lap, but a few minutes of having me type over their heads is enough to drive them off to find a more peaceful spot.

Cats can also be entertaining, which provides further short-term distraction. My cat Chloe has always been fascinated by printers. If she hears it going from another room she will still, after all these years, go off to watch it. She especially enjoys the new one in the picture with the document feeder. She’s only tried once to climb on top of it, which disconnected the document feeder and was too disturbing for her to try again.