A thankyou to all my cousins

Gate and treesI have just generated a long-overdue update to my family tree. There is a lot of new information in it now that wasn’t there before. New cousins, new ancestors, new information about ancestors I already knew about. Of course, I didn’t have to spend all day adding all the new information I’ve found since then into my family tree program. I do this as I find it.

I also didn’t spend as much time as I should have fixing up my sources. I first starting using a program to collect my family tree information about ten years ago, and I didn’t know what I was doing in those days, I just did it. I am slowly fixing them up but it takes time – time I don’t have – so I just live with it as it is. I would rather publish the sources I have, warts and all, than leave them out.

What took the most time was adding to the list of family and new friends who have helped me along the way. The list gets longer and longer every year. I’ve lost touch with some of them, and some we’ve lost altogether. Some are now friends on Facebook.

All have been generous sharing what they know with me and with others, and I’d like to acknowledge all of them here:

Larraine Abbey, Joe Andrews, Stein Andrews, Marion Batchelor, Irene Bell, PJS Boaden, Jennifer Brooks, Judith Anne Brunskill, Margaret Burns, Talai Burness, Graham Campbell, Anne Chambers, Jean Chambers, Russell Cooper, Narelle Corbett, Orlin Craig, Mareta Davila, Gillian Eason, William Eason (“Uncle Bill”), Leigh Evans, Steven Evans, Karla Eyre, Larraine (Ewin) Abbey, Russ Ewin, Emma Field, Michael Flynn, Norm Flynn, Geoffrey Goode, Helen Harman, Dianne Marie Hoger, Deborah Horrocks, Terry Riley Hulme, Betty Hunt, Lena Irvine, Raewyn Irwin, Jackie Jensen, Olwen Jonklaas, Terri Keck, Alicia-may Laaman, Sharyn Lamont, Christine Liava’a, Yola Macken, John Francis MacKenny, Martha Martin, Brad McKenzie, Greig Melrose, Graeme Moad, Fran Morton, Courtney Oates, Ken Oates, Paul Padley, Rae Paine, Richard Parata, Wayne Parker, Jo Parsons, Melanie Pascoe, June Paterson, Florence Petersen, Gretel Pickering, Winston Kitchener Powell, Graham Ralph, Mireya Ranger, Lady Jessie Richmond, Adi Milian Riley, Diane Riley, Everett Riley, Lavenia [Riley], Tulia Riley, Julie Ruzsicska, Nigel and Vinita Sharma, Jenny Shea, Milford Southon, Lisa Steedman, Dulcie (O’Connor) Stewart, Gail Stewart, Ken Sutherland, Margaret Taylor, Mary Taylor, Elizabeth Nicholls Walling, Peter Webster, Michael Whippy, Paul B Whippy, Tui Benau Whippy and Judy Woodley.

If any of you are reading this now, please accept my heartfelt gratitude for your kindness and generosity.

3 comments on “A thankyou to all my cousins

  1. Judy Webster 27 February 2011 4:06 am

    It’s time that I updated my family tree too! I was interested to see how you’ve created your pages with Second Site. I am still using version 2. In your opinion, is version 3 significantly better?

  2. Carole 27 February 2011 4:57 am

    It’s so long since I used version 2 that I’ve forgotten, but I seem to remember there were some features that I was pleased to have, especially to do with the main page.

  3. Jay 21 May 2012 1:49 pm

    I notice you have a cousin by the name of Olwen Jonklaas. My mother’s maid name is Jonklaas and it is one of the four families I am particularly interested in… I would very much like to know if the two families are related and would love to have Olwen contact me. Thanks,

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