The Big Blog Question

This morning I am faced with the Big Question – do I spend time reading other people’s blogs or do I stop reading and spend the time writing my own?

My blogging has been on hold this last week, or really since before I went to New Zealand last month, and with all the catching up I’ve been doing since then I haven’t managed to get back to it.

Too many things to do – too little time. Something has got to go, and the reading of blogs is one of those things. I read blogs on family history, small business, wildlife rescue, mind mapping; all sorts of things. Some are more useful than others; some are entertainment.

I have reduced my subscriptions to blogs from 24 to 15, and counting.


I’ve also removed some applications from Facebook. Not all of them, I’m sorry to say, but enough to reduce a lot of the time-wasting aspect of the thing. I only accept invitations from people I’m related to, now, and I delete the application after a few weeks, as I have today.

It may not make much of a difference but it makes me feel like my life is a little less cluttered and that has to be good!