Unlock The Past 2011 NSW Expo

The 2011 Unlock The Past NSW Expo was held at the Coff-Ex this last Friday and Saturday. I was there helping out in an official capacity and I gave a talk on Social Media for Family Historians. I was sorry to have missed many of the presentations given, but I did manage to catch two.

Carol Liston spoke about researching places in depth for family and local history in a talk called Finding the address isn’t enough – the links between local and family history. I have seen Carol speak on previous occasions and she always gives an overview that helps you draw the details of family history together in a way that you think ‘of course! why didn’t I think of that?’ Go and see her any chance you get!

Melanie Oppenheimer spoke about the Soldier Settlement schemes in NSW and the project she is working on to better understand the experiences of the soldiers involved in these schemes. The stories and photographs contributed by the descendants of the soldiers add a depth not otherwise possible. The website is hosted in conjunction with State Records NSW and is well worth a visit.

Both talks deserved a much higher attendance.

There are some excellent posts on the Expo by Shauna Hicks and Helen Smith and so I will not repeat what they said here.

I will just share some photos I took through the weekend:

NSW Expo

National Library of Australia

Kerry Farmer


Coffs Harbour Regional Museum
Society of Australian Genealogists

I think everyone had a great time, I know I did!



2 comments on “Unlock The Past 2011 NSW Expo

  1. Judy Webster 6 June 2011 8:41 am

    Compared to previous Expos, what did you think of the overall attendance numbers and bookshop sales? A couple of people have told me that they were disappointing. But there should be a good response in Cairns. When I did 2 talks there, they were booked out & I ran out of books to sell. The locals seem to crave such opportunities, which don’t come their way very often.

  2. Carole Riley 7 June 2011 7:39 pm

    I can’t say anything about the bookshop sales, but the attendance seemed reasonable. We were not overwhelmed with visitors, and many people came on Saturday wishing they’d known about the Expo on Friday. The mention in the local newspaper and on the news helped.

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